Bridgerton Season 3: The Wigs That Stole the Show

Bridgerton Season 3: The Wigs That Stole the Show

As someone who's been wearing wigs for a decade, I can't help myself but look at actors in movies and be like : 'oh that's definitely a wig'. Tell me that I'm not the only one, please !

Well, with Bridgerton, it is quite easy, they all wear wigs ! Well, almost. And the wigs this season are just breathtaking, bringing a new level of regency-era glamor and elegance. 

So here are the 3 characters who stole the show with their wigs. Let's start with the obvious...

1. Queen Charlotte

Look at that ! The craftmanship on this wig is incredible. Erika Ökvist, who's the hair and make up lead on the show talked about it in a interview, it is actually the first time that moving element are part of a wig in the series. There's also a lot of references, like the swans. As apparently, the Crowns owns all of the swans of the country. If you want to learn more about this wig, please read this article.

2. Penelope

Yes, it is not as obvious as Queen Charlotte's wig but Nicola alias Penelope is indeed wearing a wig. And a beautiful one at that. It is super natural and the color fit is perfect. We love the old Hollywood inspiration on her hairstyles this season, compared to the little curls of the last 2. We read in an article that Nicola actually wears more than $55 000 of wigs this season alone !

3. Cressida

After Queen Charlotte, in term of extravaganza, you have Cressida. She did not disappoint this season. And even if most of them was not my taste, I absolutely salute the artistry and the work put in the details of every wigs she wears.

Which one is your favorite ?


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