5 Most Asked Questions About Melting Spray Answered - Part 1

5 Most Asked Questions About Melting Spray Answered - Part 1

If you wear a wig, you must have heard about Melting Spray. It is very popular and provides a natural hairline. Here are the five most frequently asked questions about wig melting spray, along with detailed answers.

1. What is Wig Melting Spray?

So let's start with an easy one : what is melting spray ? It's a product formulated to secure your wig and help it look more natural. The term "melting" refers to the process by which the lace looks like it is melted into the skin, making the hairline look like natural hair growth. This spray typically contains adhesives that are activated upon drying, offering a vey good hold.

2. How Do You Use Wig Melting Spray?

Using wig melting spray involves a few steps to ensure a secure and natural-looking wig install :

  1. Prepare your hairline and your wig: Clean your hairline to remove oils. Then, position the wig on your head to find the best fit.
  2. Apply the Spray: Spray the melting spray along the hairline. A tip would be to spray it on the back of your hand, then tap your hairline with a brush, or you can just spray directly on your finger and then tap your hairline. It'll help being more precise.
  3. Allow to Become Tacky: Let the spray sit for a few seconds until it becomes tacky.
  4. Secure the Lace: Press the lace into the tacky area on your forehead, holding it firmly in place until it adheres.
  5. Set the Hairline: Use a blow dryer on a low setting to help set the adhesive for a stronger hold.
  6. Ultimate tip for the ultimate melt : After it is dry, tie a silk scarf on your hairline for at least 15min. 30 min for better results. Then, just admire the results.

3. How Long Does Wig Melting Spray Last?

It really will depend on the melting spray. However melting spray is often use for shorter times. A day or 2. After that, you may have to reapply the spray as it often do not resist to water or sweat.  

4. Is Wig Melting Spray Safe for All Skin Types?

Most wig melting sprays are formulated to be gentle and skin-friendly, but it’s important to perform a patch test before a wig install. This involves applying a small amount of the spray to a discreet area of the skin, usually behind the ear or on your wrist and waiting 24 hours to check for any adverse reactions. 

5. Can Wig Melting Spray Be Used on Synthetic Wigs?

Absolutely ! Wig melting spray can be used on both synthetic and human hair wigs. The spray helps to create a natural-looking hairline regardless of the wig type. The most important thing for an amazing melt will be the quality of the lace !

Wig melting spray is an essential tool for your wig installs. It provides a secure and most of all a natural hairline. Understanding how to use it effectively and safely can enhance your experience ensuring a confident fit. 

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