How can I make my wig install last longer?

How can I make my wig install last longer?

To make your wig install last longer apart from using our wig glue (wink) consider the following tips and techniques, which can help ensure a secure and long lasting hold:

1. Prepare Your Skin Properly

It is important to clean your skin (forehead) before applying wig glue. Use a gentle cleanser (like your toner for example) and allow your skin to dry completely. This will help you have a better adhesion.

2. Use Multiple Thin Layers

Apply the glue in thin, even layers rather than one thick layer. Allow each layer to become tacky before applying the next. This method creates a stronger bond and enhances the longevity of the adhesive hold.

3. Use a Skin Protector

Applying a skin protector or barrier spray before the glue can help protect your scalp and create a better surface for adhesion. This is especially useful if you have sensitive skin.

4. Proper Application Techniques

Use a silicone kind of brush or applicator for even application. Ensure the glue is applied smoothly without lumps or gaps, which can cause uneven adhesion and reduce the hold.

5. Reapply as Needed

If you notice areas where the glue is starting to lift, reapply a small amount to those spots and press down firmly. Regular maintenance can help prolong the overall hold of the wig glue. You can also add a little bit of melting spray.

6. Avoid Oil-Based Products

Avoid using oil-based products near the glued area, as oils can break down the adhesive and cause the wig to lift prematurely. Stick to water-based products for styling and maintenance.

7. Use a Melting spray

After securing your wig with glue, use a setting spray designed for wigs to lock the adhesive in place and provide extra hold. This can help keep your wig secure throughout the day.

8. Consider Climate

If you live in a hot or humid climate, choose a glue that is formulated for high temperatures and humidity like our waterproof wig glue

By following these tips, you can maximize the durability and effectiveness of your wig glue, ensuring that your wig remains secure and comfortable for an extended period.
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